A wee bit about us


we love colour!


Alan Knox is a young at heart, marketing master, photographer and part time pirate. He has worked very successfully for many big corporate businesses.


He understands how to help companies stand out from the competition, and is very good at it. Alan served in the army for 6 years, so he is very structured and regimented. These are important attributes for this kind of work. 

Alan cares greatly about our planet and lives in an off grid cabin in Scotland, and is studying Permaculture.

Nikcy Baillie is a single Mum living in Perthshire. She has an HND in Business Administration, an HND in Visual Communication and Design and graduated, with a BA in Production Arts and Design. She is an Artist, Prop Maker, Photographer, Graphic Designer  and Mentor.

Have a look at Nikcy's creative work- 

Nikcy is passionate about good design and attention to detail. Her graphic design skills can create a unique and bespoke persona for you.

She is also a mentor, here is an interview she gave to "EMPOWR" via LinkedIn- 

As a team, Alan and Nikcy have an eye for seeing how businesses can become more exciting and interesting. They work very well together and complement each other's skill set. They have a mutual love of helping companies grow. 


         Let us colour in your business...


We believe in doing what makes you happy, and making every moment count


"Do everything with love" Nikcy