A beautiful hand crafted, bespoke bowl made from a cherished piece of clothing belonging to a loved one.

Simply send me a large piece of clothing made of cotton, this can be trousers, a shirt, blouse, jeans etc.

If you wish to add anything such as a favourite flower or plant, anything that I might be able to incorporate, please do.

I will very carefully make them into paper, and create your memory bowl. 

This is a process that takes patience, time and care.

They are all different, depending upon the fabric etc.

The bowl will be approximately 10cm high x 18cm wide.

You will receive 5 tiny scrolls made from hand-made paper. This way you can write little memories and keep them safe inside the bowl.

The bowls are very light and delicate, they are made to add little notes and letters. 

After you order your bowl, I will send you an invoice, then  the address to post everything to.

You can usually receive your bowl within 7-10 days. Please let me know if you are in a hurry.

Thank you, I will try my very best to make a beautiful and special bowl for you,

"Do everything with love"

Nikcy x

Memory Bowls